How to Treat for Roots in Sewer Lines

Updated April 17, 2017

Roots can clog your sewer lines when you have trees in close proximity of your house. Tree roots are drawn to the cracks in your sewer pipes in search of water and nutrients. Once the roots get into your pipes and are surrounded with nutrients, the roots grow and clog your sewer lines. You can remove tree roots from your sewer lines by using a root-removing powder.

Use a foaming root cleaner such as the root killer at the REX-BAC-T website (see Resources).

Remove the cap off of your backup water pump outside.

Pour a solution of the root-removing powder as directed into the backup water pump outside.

Pour three gallons of water into the backup water pump following the root remover. Replace the cap on the backup water pump. The root remover will remove the roots in your sewer lines.

Things You'll Need

  • Root-removing powder or gel
  • Water
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