How to Operate the Black & Decker BDV030 Type One

Updated February 21, 2017

The Black & Decker BDV030 Type One powering device allows users to give their car battery an emergency boost and use electrical devices when away from a normal power source. When first using the BDV030, following a few simple steps will have you operating in little time. Learn how to charge your unit using both the wall charger and your vehicles power adaptor (lighter outlet), the location of your devices buttons needed for powering external devices, using the Type One to power external devices under five amps, and turning your area light on for extra light.

Turn off all features of the Type One while charging it with the mains charger. Press the "On/Off" button (located on top of the unit, first button on the left) to turn the device on. You should see a red power light (located slightly to the upper right of the "On/Off" button) and the battery status light (the last status light on the right) illuminate. Connect the wall-charging adaptor into the charging socket (located on top of the unit to the far right). Plug the charger into a functioning wall outlet. Press the "Recharge" button (the third button from the left). The device will beep and the green battery status light will start to blink, letting you know the device is charging. Charging is complete when the battery status light is a steady green. Disconnect the mains charger after charging and store it in a safe place.

Charge the Type One with the supplied 12 Vdc vehicle lighter adaptor by first turning everything on the Type One off and unplugging all external appliances from the device. Turn the Type One on. The device will beep and the red power and battery status light will illuminate. Remove the vehicle adaptor from its storage space (the chamber located on the rounded left edge of the device). Plug it into the vehicle's lighter outlet. Press the recharge button. The Type One will beep and the status light will begin to blink green. Charging has completed once the status light remains a steady green. After charging, disconnect the adaptor and stow it away in its storage compartment.

Use the power supply to power any electrical device equipped with a male outlet plug rated up to five amps. Lift the accessory outlet cover (the covered compartment located on the leftmost point of the Type One) and insert the 12 Vdc plug from the external device in need of power into the 12 Vdc outlet. Turn on your external appliance and use as you normally would.

Press the "Area Light" on/off button (the recessed button located to the left of the charging socket) to turn on the area light if you need more luminance or a flashlight. Press the same button to turn the area light off.

Give your car battery a boost by first powering the unit on. Confirm the device is ready by checking that the red power light and the battery status light are illuminated. Remove the 12 Vdc charging adaptor from the storage area and plug it into your vehicle's lighter terminal. Press the "Vehicle Boost" button (located to the right of the "On/Off" button). You should hear a single beep and see the green "Vehicle Boost LED" (located above the "Vehicle Boost" button flash on and off. This indicates the car battery is being charged. The battery has been boosted (after approximately 10 minutes) when the "Vehicle Boost LED" flashes repeatedly and the unit beeps. Turn the key in the car ignition in consecutive 6-second spurts until the engine starts. Turn the unit off, and don't forget to recharge it for another possible emergency.

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