How to celebrate your 18th birthday

Your 18th birthday is soon approaching, and you aren't quite sure how to celebrate. You may feel a little pressure to do something incredible that marks the significant transition into adulthood. Past birthdays may have involved cake, some friends and party balloons. All that sort of seems juvenile now that you are finally recognised as an adult. Do something extraordinary this year, something you will remember for a lifetime. Involve your closest friends in the planning process to come up with some ideas for a birthday unlike any other.

First, you will want to decide what to do for your birthday celebration. Some ideas include a big party with a DJ and dancing; a limo ride to a chic restaurant or baseball game; an out-of-town adventure with close friends to an exciting destination, like Las Vegas, Hollywood or New York City.

Select a location for the celebration. If you are having a big party, rent a clubhouse or see if your parents will allow for a party at home. If you are going out to dinner, select a location that holds large parties and make a reservation in advance. If you want to plan a weekend getaway with close friends only, decide where and make sure everyone has parental permission to go. Make hotel reservations in advance.

Commit to the best date for your celebration. A weekend celebration guarantees more people will attend. Make sure the people you are closest with agree with the date. Also, the date should be as close to your actual birthday as possible.

Put together a list of all of the people you want to celebrate with, including best friends, classmates, family members, neighbours, friends from extra-curricular activities or work and anyone else you may want to join in the festivities.

Collect detailed information and store it in an address book if you do not have it already, like home or e-mail addresses.

Select an invitation from a print shop or general store to have mailed out to people's home addresses. Or, send a personalised evite via e-mail to people's e-mail addresses. You can also hand deliver invitations at school or when you see invitees regularly in-person.

For a party, you want to ensure everything is taken care of well in advance. Prior to the celebration day, shop for food, drinks and decorations.

For music, hiring a DJ is a sure way to get everyone to dance. Another option is to have someone from the party be in charge of playing the best music.

Load your iPod and create playlists in advance. Make sure you select a variety of music to cater to everyone's tastes.


Make sure to have correct addresses Make sure to require an RSVP and include a due date for the RSVP Send invitations well in advance Make reservations well in advance Keep accurate record of who is attending If parents are not present, make sure anyone younger than 18 has permission to celebrate


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