Instructions on How to Make a Macrame Water Bottle Holder

Updated April 17, 2017

Macramé is the craft of tying knots with hemp twine in geometric patterns. It's been around since the 70s and common items made from it include belts and hemp jewellery. If you have a basic understanding of macramé, you can make a macramé water bottle holder by designing knots directly around the bottle. Although the shape of your water bottle dictates how you arrange the knots, you can apply many of the same principles to any bottle, regardless of whether it is smooth, squared or has ridges.

Cut pieces of the hemp twine that measure eight times the bottle's length. Cut the pieces of twine in multiples of four. The total number of cords you'll need depends on how tight your knots are and how thick the twine is. For example, a bottle with a 1.5-inch-diameter top will need 12 cords, which you will double over to get a total of 24 strands.

Pin one of the pieces of twine you cut to your macramé board. Mount the remaining pieces of twine to that piece by tying a mounting knot. To make a mounting knot, fold each piece of twine in half and place the resulting loop behind the pinned cord. Thread the ends of the cord up through the loop and pull it until the knot is as tight as you want it to be.

Remove the pieces of twine from the macramé board. Put the piece of twine onto which you mounted the other cords around the ring at the top of your water bottle. Make sure the mounted cords fall evenly around the bottle.

Grab two cords. Take the cord on the left and tie it in a double half-hitch to the cord on its right. Put the right cord on top of the left one. Hold the right cord taut and loop the left down over the right, bringing it under and back up through the loop. Repeat the process, working your way to the right. Pull everything tight, leaving the ends free so you can start your macramé pattern.

Start your pattern by dividing the mounted pieces of twine into groups of four cords. Use the two middle cords as carriers or guides. Knot a series of square knots down the neck of the bottle. Now take the cord on the right of the two middle cords. Put the cord over the two middle cords and under the cord to the left of the two middle cords. Take the left cord and run it under the middle two, then up through the loop you formed with the right cord. Take the left cord and put it over the middle cords and under the right. Run the right cord under the two middle cords and up through the left loop, pulling tightly.

Knot a lattice effect, beginning where the bottle flares out. Keep going down the length of the bottle by continuing to work with sets of four cords. Take two from each set you finish to create a new set of four, tying single square knots around the two middle cords of each new group of four. Leave an inch of free cord, then continue the original pattern before tying another set of square knots. Repeat this process around the entire bottle until you cover the whole thing.

When you get to the bottom of the bottle, finish with a row of double half-hitches and then trim the cord. You'll be left with a tiny fringe at the bottom.


If this is your first attempt at making a macramé water bottle holder, use a smooth bottle.

Things You'll Need

  • Macramé board
  • Hemp twine
  • Bottle
  • T-pins
  • Scissors
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