How to Make a Titanium Wedding Band Fit

Updated April 17, 2017

Titanium is a metal that is as strong as steel, but much lighter. It is much harder than gold, silver and platinum, and consequently, more difficult to work with. Because of its hardness, it is difficult to resize titanium rings. While some jewellers offer resizing, they usually cannot resize titanium rings more than a quarter- to a half-size larger or smaller. It is best to ensure a good fit prior to purchasing a titanium wedding band, however, people's weight fluctuations, water retention and other factors can cause ill-fitting rings.

Purchase a ring guard. This is the simplest way to resize a ring without a trip to a jeweller. Ring guards, wraps or adjusters are simple bands that snap into the inside of your ring for a better fit. They can be plastic or metal, and generally cannot be seen from the outside of the ring. Many major retailers carry ring guards, and they can be purchased at jewellery stores.

Have a sizing band welded in. If your ring is too large, a jeweller specialising in titanium should be able to weld in a small piece of titanium to help the ring fit. The sizing band will be on the inside of the ring and not visible when you are wearing it, however, you will be able to see it when you take it off. For people who have knuckles larger than the rest of their fingers, some jewellers will weld in a "lightening rod" which is a small bump in the base of the ring. This allows the ring to glide over the knuckle but still have a tight fit around the base of the finger.

Get a jeweller to enlarge it. Jewellers specialising in titanium rings may enlarge your wedding band by shaving material from the interior of the ring. Alternately, if the ring is much too small, it may be cut apart and welded back together with a spacer, however this can distort the shape of the ring, as well as any pattern or engraving on it.

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  • Ring guard
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