How to stop wimia proxy detectors

Updated February 21, 2017

A proxy is a website Internet users operate to access websites with their real IP address hidden. A Wimia proxy detector is used by some websites to find out when a visitor is using a proxy to access the site. For instance, if you get banned from a forum and try to access it with a proxy to hide your IP address and bypass the ban, the Wimia test will keep you from accessing that forum because it will detect that you are using a proxy. You can stop a Wimia proxy detector from blocking you with a VPN service.

Visit the MyUSVPN website and use its virtual private network to stop Wimia proxy detectors. Unlike proxy sites that provide one IP address that gets used by so many people that the Wimiea test detects it as a proxy, MyUSVPN gives you access to various servers and different IP addresses from different part of the world. Therefore, stopping Wimia proxy detectors from being able to determine that you are using an IP address unrelated to yours. This VPN service also enables you to unblock restricted websites and VoIP applications being restricted by your network or ISP, plus it protects you when connecting to hotspots. MyUSVPN offers a two plans that can be ordered on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

Go to the HideIP VPN site and use its service to defeat Wimia proxy detectors. HideIP VPN is a service that hides your IP address behind various servers, making it possible to keep the Wimia proxy detector from discovering that your are not using your real IP address. With HideIP VPN, you will appear to be visiting websites from different countries including Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. HideIP VPN also helps you access restricted sites, unblock VoIP applications, protects your information when using hotspots to access the Net, plus it secures your information by encrypting it. HideIP VPN offers a free service and a premium service that for a monthly fee provides unlimited bandwidth.

Navigate to the Strong VPN website and bypass Wimia proxy detectors by using its virtual private network. Defeating Wimia proxy detectors with Strong VPN is possible because it gives you access to 133 servers in 14 different countries and 5,324 IP addresses. The servers offered by Strong VPN provide fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth capabilities, plus its virtual private network protects you when connecting to Net through hotspots. With Strong VPN you can bypass Internet restrictions at work, or any other type of network and you can also connect to websites that may be blocked to you overseas. Strong VPN features monthly accounts starting at £4 and yearly specials from £35, as of November 2010.

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