How to get rid of the gnats in my house

Updated April 17, 2017

Gnats are common household pests that can annoy, bite and even spread disease. From the mosquito family, gnats are found in moist, damp places, as they require water to lay eggs. Once gnats are inside a home, getting rid of them can be difficult. Removing anything that attracts gnats and blocking their access is as important as eliminating the gnats already in the home.

Replace window screens with fine weave fibreglass screens. The space between the weaves in common screens are big enough for gnats to get through.

Reduce standing water. Overwatering plants, for example, can cause standing water. Gnats thrive in moist environments.

Leave out a mixture of one cup of brown apple cider vinegar and 1/4 cup of dish soap in the areas most populated by gnats. The gnats will be attracted to the mixture, but the soap traps them, and they cannot get out.

Prevent gnat infestations by keeping the house clean of trash. Make sure any areas prone to dampness are kept dry. Keep fruit in the refrigerator or in mesh bags.

Change outside lights to orange-coloured lights. Gnats are attracted to light, but orange sodium lights deter gnats, which will lessen the frequency of infestations.

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