Operating Instructions for a Panasonic Microwave

Updated February 21, 2017

Your Panasonic Inverter microwave oven features sensor reheat, turbo defrost and sensor cook options. When pressing buttons on the microwave, listen for a beeping sound to indicate that the unit accepted your instruction; otherwise, the machine may not operate as desired. Obtaining optimal results from microwaved foods cooked in your Panasonic microwave requires learning proper operating procedure.

Place food into the microwave, in a microwave-safe container.

Push "Power Level" to select the desired power for the microwave cycle. The default power setting is full power. Each time you push the "Power Level" pad, the level will decrease by 10 per cent.

Push the numbered pads to indicate the length of cooking time you desire in minutes and seconds. For one minute, press "1," then press "0" two times.

Push "Start."

Place the popcorn package in the microwave with the appropriate side facing up as indicated on the package.

Push the button labelled "Popcorn." Each time you press the button, a different bag size will appear on the display. Choose from a 99.2gr., 85.1gr. or 49.6gr. package size. Stop pressing the button when the desired bag size appears.

Push "Start."

Place frozen food into the microwave.

Push "Inverter Turbo Defrost."

Press the numbered pads to enter the weight of the food in pounds or tenths of a pound.

Push "Start." The microwave may beep part way through the defrost cycle. If this is the case, turn over or stir the food.

Place the food to be reheated into the microwave.

Push "Sensor Reheat."

Press "More/Less" if you know you need to add or subtract time, based on previous experience. This works just like when making popcorn.

Push "Start."


These microwaves beep midway through defrosting larger items to remind the user to turn over the food for the remainder of the defrost cycle. Place food items in or on a microwave-safe container that allows you to easily access and turn over the food partway through the cycle.

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