Ortho Dial 'N Spray Instructions

Updated March 23, 2017

The Ortho Dial N' Spray is a sprayer used to dilute liquid weed killer, fertiliser, insecticide, or fungicide. Users can twist the Ortho spray onto a garden hose. Using this spray, you can use up to 907gr of product in one session before refilling the spray. Using the Ortho Dial N' Spray makes it quicker and easier to maintain your lawn and garden.

Open the top of the Ortho Dial N' Spray.

Pour the weed killer, insecticide, or fungicide in the Ortho Dial N' Spray. Use only liquid forms. The spray can hold up to 907gr of whatever product (fertiliser, insecticide, etc.) you are using.

Replace the top of the spray securely.

Attach the Dial N' Spray to your water hose. To attach the spray, twist off the yellow cap located at the opposite end of the red sprayer. Twist your hose onto the yellow end of the Ortho Spray. Turn on the hose.

Set the dial according to your product's instructions. You can set the spray from as little as 1 tsp of product per gallon of water and up to 236ml of product per gallon of spray.

Press the red trigger to spray. The water and product will come out of the red sprayer.

Apply diluted product to the treatment area in a continuous back-and-forth motion.


Wear gloves, as well as long pieces of clothing. Cover your legs and arms. This will reduce the risk of your skin becoming exposed to any chemicals.


Do not spray on a windy day.

Things You'll Need

  • Weed killer, fertiliser, insecticide, or fungicide
  • Gloves and long pieces of clothing
  • Hose
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