How to Update Acer BIOS Using 3309

Some Acer Aspire One netbooks have a problem with the screen staying black after the system has booted. To fix this problem, update your Acer basic input output system (BIOS) using the 3309 BIOS version. Acer released this BIOS update specifically to address the problem, which allows you to udpate the BIOS without seeing your screen, though a second computer is needed to download the update. No actual hardware problems exist, only a BIOS software issue. The main reason behind this error is a communications glitch between your Acer and the graphics card.

Visit the "Acer System Will Not POST Aspire One AOA" site (see Resources.) POST stands for "power on self test," which is performed during start-up.

Download the "" file.

Extract the file using any decompression software. If you are using Windows, right-click the file and choose "Extract All."

Open the extracted folder and its sub-folder.

Right click "3309.fd" and choose "Rename."

Type "zg5ia32.fd."

Insert a blank USB drive.

Copy the files "zg5ia32.fd" and "Flashit.exe" to the USB drive.

Connect the AC adaptor to your Acer.

Insert your USB drive.

Press and hold down "Fn" and "Esc."

Turn on your Acer while still holding the keys from Step 11.

Release the "Fn" and "Esc" keys as soon as the Acer's power light comes on.

Wait for the power light to start blinking. Wait at least seven minutes to allow the BIOS to update.

Wait for the system to reboot. Video will be restored at this point.


If you continue to have problems, see the Acer Drivers Download site (see Resources). Select your model and download the latest BIOS update for your Acer.


Do not use a USB drive with other files on it. This can cause errors with the BIOS update.

Things You'll Need

  • USB drive
  • BIOS update 3309 (Resources)
  • Second computer (to download and prepare update)
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