How to Change Ink Cartridges in a PIXMA MP170

Written by si kingston | 13/05/2017
How to Change Ink Cartridges in a PIXMA MP170
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The Canon PIXMA MP170 is a multifunction printer. Users can direct the device to print files from their computer, or insert a SD card directly into the device and utilise the PIXMA's touch screen to print files such as borderless photos. If you frequently use your PIXMA MP170, it will eventually run out of ink. To replace the ink, make sure you have purchased ink cartridges that are specifically for the PIXMA MP170.

Power on your printer. Open the lid of the scanning unit. The printer's ink carriage or holder will automatically move to the left and become accessible to you.

Remove the empty print cartridge by pushing the cartridge down, which forces it to pop up and loosen from the carriage. You will then be able to pull out the cartridge.

Prepare your new ink cartridge. Remove the wrapping and the protective tape from the cartridge.

Insert the new ink cartridge into the carriage. The portion of the cartridge from which you removed the tape should be facing the back of the printer. Put the cartridge into the carriage at a slight tilt, then push it down until it clicks into place. Make sure you insert the black ink in the left holder, and the colour ink in the right carriage holder.

Close the scanning unit.

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