How to Start a Mobile Phone Shop

When considering self-employment opportunities, starting a mobile phone shop can a be very profitable endeavour. There is always a societal demand that will meet your supply. No longer a luxury, cell phones are a required purchase in modern society. Before opening your shop, keep certain things in mind to avoid hassles later on. Follow protocol to ensure that your business runs smoothly. With planning, have your mobile phone shop up and running in no time.

Determine the market. Ask if potential customers respond favourably to prepaid phone services or contracts. Are customers constantly seeking the latest trend? This makes it easier to focus on the services offered by your establishment.

Get the proper permits. Find out which office handles business licensing for your city or county. Inquire about permits and licensing for a mobile phone business. Ask about fees and conditions of each permit and/or license. Start searching for office information in the local phone directory under city and state listings.

Select a retail space. A physical presence requires more start-up capital than a virtual shop. When selecting a physical space, choose a location easily accessible and visible to customers. If selecting an online presence, choose a memorable Internet address. Purchasing an address early ensures availability when your store is ready to open.

Purchase the inventory. Many mobile companies offer resell opportunities. Handsets and support are provided and the reseller makes a percentage from each device and/or plan sold. A monthly sales amount may be required to keep the supplier contract. "Unlocked" merchandise provides a less costly method of selling mobile devices because the handsets are used with any mobile provider. When purchasing unlocked devices, note if the devices run on the global system for mobile communications or code division multiple access. Also observe the operating frequencies. The U.S. works primarily on a 1900 megahertz frequency, with some areas operating on 850 megahertz. Each country has a unique operating frequency. Confirm this information before purchasing handsets. Selling non-operational handsets results in unhappy customers. Whatever method is used to purchase inventory, be aware that larger orders result in a cheaper cost per device.

Hire the staff. If desired, the only personnel required for a virtual shop are a Web designer and programmer. Look at numerous samples of their work to ensure that your vision and their skills are compatible. A retail location requires sales staff and security. Placing ads in local papers ensures a large turnout. Hire an outside agency to perform background checks on potential candidates.

Create the retail space. Clear display cases should prominently feature merchandise. Purchase a point-of-sale system for your establishment. Piece together an inexpensive system for as little as £975. Display supplier posters featuring the merchandise available for purchase. Contact area retailers for security system references. When creating an online shop, the designer should create a professional, eye-catching site. Incorporate an online payment system to facilitate the payment process for customers. There are dedicated payment gateways and free online services available on the Web. Select the company offering the best value for the anticipated sales volume.

Advertise the product. Before officially opening for business, let others know about your mobile shop. Place ads in local papers. If the budget allows, take out a television or radio station ad. Advertising maximises the potential customer base for the shop.

Open the doors. Holding promotions, which include free activation with purchase or buy one phone and get another half price, encourages potential customers to spend more money.

Things You'll Need

  • Merchant account
  • Online payment processing system
  • Federal Employer Identification Number
  • Point of sale system
  • State licensing
  • Supplier
  • Investment funds
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