How to Disassemble a Cisco 7961 IP Phone

Updated July 20, 2017

The Cisco 7961 IP Phone is a corded phone designed for office use. Built sturdy, they typically see quite a bit of use, resulting in the need to disassemble them for repairs from time to time. Like most institutional phones, the Cisco 7961 is easy to take apart if you know what you're doing.

Lay the stand flat against the back bezel.

Pry out the two pins holding the stand in. Wedge a knife or flathead screwdriver between the head of the pin and the plastic edging and apply pressure.

Remove the stand.

Remove the four screws holding the back bezel to the front bezel. Two of them are set into circular indentations near the top of the phone, while the remaining two are at the bottom under the rubber footings. Simply peel back the top of the rubber feet to access the two screws. These screws are Phillips heads.

Disengage the four tabs holding the front bezel to the back bezel. Two of the bezels are on either side of the display, the other two are near the top of the handset holder.

Pull the bezels apart.

Disengage the three cables that connect the system board to the front bezel. They should pull out.

Remove the nine silver screws holding the system board to the front bezel.

Remove the board.

Pull out the rubber sheets between the numbered buttons and the board.

Remove the buttons. Once the sheet is removed, they should fall right out. Your phone is now disassembled.

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