How to remove voicemail notifications

Written by marissa abernathy | 13/05/2017
How to remove voicemail notifications
Voicemail notifications are generally simple to remove. (cell phone in close up image by Alexey Klementiev from

Voicemail notifications pop up on a cell phone every time a new message is received. Getting rid of these frequent pesky notices or icons can occasionally be a tricky procedure. The phone may not always recognise that you have already listened to your messages, and the voicemail reminder remains. You can clear your voicemail and change your settings to prevent voicemail notifications in a few different ways, depending on your phone and service provider.

Listen to your messages and clear them. Save messages that you do not yet want to delete. Occasionally a cell phone's voicemail notification icon may remain if you did not listen to your most recent message in its entirety.

Go to the settings of your phone. This will vary by model, but many menus include an option that allows notification icons to be cleared or reset.

Check to see if your phone can be reset to its default settings. This will often clear the display to its original appearance and remove remaining voicemail notifications.

Call your voicemail and listen to the options available to see if the notification configuration can be changed. Certain provider's voicemail systems allow you to adjust these settings through your voicemail menu options. You can also review your users manual to see if you can turn off your voicemail notifications completely.

Call your provider if you still are unable to remove the voicemail notifications. The provider should be able to reset your voicemail status so that the notification icons or message indicator status is refreshed.

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