How to Use an Air Walker

Updated April 17, 2017

The Air Walker is an easy-to-use cross trainer exercise machine that will simultaneously work your upper and lower body in the comfort of your own home. It is ideal for both the experienced athlete and fitness beginners. The Air Walker provides a low-impact cardiovascular work out that will tone your body and help you lose weight.

Hold the handles and step onto the pedals one foot at a time. Gain your balance before beginning to exercise.

Turn on the monitor and select the mode you wish to observe. Typically there are five modes: time, reps/min, reps, calories and scan, which will cycle through the four stats while you exercise. Decide how long you want to exercise for or how many calories you wish to burn off, and keep it in your mind as an attainable goal.

Move one leg forward as you move the other back keeping a firm grip on the moving handles. Your heart rate will increase as you stride and your core muscles will be worked as you maintain your balance on the machine. You can vary the effect of the exercise by changing your stance and bending your legs slightly instead of keeping them straight. For a more relaxed workout, rest your hands on the handrail as you move the pedals.

Slow your pace once you have reached your goal time or calories. Allow your breathing to return to normal while keeping you arms and legs moving, giving your muscles a chance to cool down.

Step off of the Air Walker one foot at a time using the handrail. Stretch out your legs and arms. Take care to slowly stretch your hamstring, calf and glut muscles to avoid hyperextension.


Place your Air Walker in front of the window if you want to simulate a stroll outside from the comfort of your own home, or in front of the television to watch your favourite show while you work your body. Remember to drink plenty of water while exercising.


Ensure that your Air Walker is placed on a level surface, and inspect all parts regularly. Replace any worn parts immediately. As with any exercise, the Air Walker should be used in moderation, and if you feel faint or dizzy while exercising, stop immediately and begin cooling down.

Things You'll Need

  • Exercise clothes
  • Athletic shoes
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