How to Clean a Dyson HEPA Filter

Updated February 21, 2017

Dyson provides a wide variety of high-performance vacuums for any type of flooring. Dyson vacuums maintain powerful suction, and the filters are guaranteed to last a lifetime. The Dyson HEPA filter allows the vacuum to trap dirt, dust and allergens. When the filter becomes full, it requires cleaning to maintain the vacuum's airflow and optimal performance. Clean your Dyson HEPA filter every three months or more often to keep your vacuum working efficiently.

Turn off and unplug the vacuum.

Locate and remove the HEPA filter according to the owner's manual for your specific product.

Rinse the filter under cold running water, and shake out the excess water. Do this until the water runs clear.

Place the filter in a warm, well-ventilated area to dry for 24 hours.

Return the filter to the filter housing in the vacuum cleaner.


Don't place the HEPA filter near a direct source of heat while drying. Don't wash the HEPA filter in the washing machine.

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