How to Repair a Proform Bike

ProForm exercise bikes generally run well, but sometimes you may come across a situation where you'll need to do some basic troubleshooting. Problems may occur such as the unit's wobbling back and forth, inaccurate readings coming from the handgrip pulse sensors or the pedals' slipping during exercise. Problems with the console also are common and can usually be repaired with new batteries. Once you make these simple fixes, you should be able to get back to enjoying your stationary cycle.

Press on the battery tab either on the battery drawer or press all the tabs on the battery cover, depending on your model. Pull down on the battery drawer to slide it open or pull up on the battery cover to expose the battery compartment.

Remove all four D batteries and dispose of them properly. Put in four new batteries with the correct orientation shown by the diagram inside the battery compartment. Alkaline batteries are recommended by the ProForm GL 125 Interactive Trainer User's Manual and the ProForm XP 185 U User's Manual.

Slide the battery drawer up to close the compartment, or replace the battery cover firmly.

Check that both the right- and left-side front stabilisers are in contact with the floor.

Use your hand to turn the levelling foot located on the bottom of the bike on the side that is not flat on the floor until the front stabiliser is in complete contact. Adjust the levelling foot on the other side as well if it, too, is not flat on the floor.

Sit on the bike and test that the wobble is gone by pedalling quickly. Get off and turn the levelling feet more if the bike still rocks.

Move the bike to a flatter area if adjusting the levelling feet does not stop the rocking motion.

Remove the right pedal and shield. Use an adjustable wrench to turn the right pedal counterclockwise until you can take it off, as recommended by the ProForm XP 185 U user's manual.

Take out all the screws from the right and left shields with a Phillips screwdriver, noting which of the three size screws you take from which hole. Pull off the right shield.

Loosen the M10 x 22mm bolt. Tighten the M8 x 38mm hex screw to tighten the drive belt. Tighten the bolt that you just loosened once the drive belt is tight. If you cannot do this by hand, use a wrench or another tool that will help you with this step.

Place the right shield back in place and secure it by reversing the removal directions. Replace the right pedal back on.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 D batteries
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver
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