How to Troubleshoot a Bissell ProHeat 9200

Updated February 21, 2017

The Bissell ProHeat 9200 carpet deep cleaner includes a built-in heating system, dual power brushes and a custom clean feature that mixes water with cleansing solution for you. While the machine makes home carpet cleaning simple for the average homeowner, a malfunction of the unit makes for less-than-satisfactory results. Troubleshoot your Bissell ProHeat 9200 deep cleaner before calling the company for warranty service or considering replacement of the unit.

Pour hot water into the cleaner's water bladder. An empty water bladder will result in no water spray.

Place manufacturer-recommended cleansing solution into the formula tank. An empty formula tank will result in no spray.

Push the "Off" button. Take the tank off of the unit, then place it back into its proper position. Turn the power back on. An unseated tank will cause spray problems.

Push the "Off" button, then push the "On" button. Push the spray trigger after waiting about a minute. An unprimed pump will result in little spray.

Push the cleaner's pedal and pull the handle backward to recline it while running. If the deep cleaner is upright, the brushes will not turn.

Push the "Off" button. Remove the deep cleaner's plug from the outlet. Take the water tank and cleaning solution tank out of the machine. Turn the machine over.

Inspect the belt. If it is out of place or broken, replace it according to manufacturer's instructions.

Look over the brush roll carefully. Take out any debris. Reset the unit's breaker by plugging it in to an electrical socket.

Adjust the tool dial. It must be set at "Floor Cleaning" or "Tools" to ensure suction of the solution from the floor.

Remove the water and formula tanks, then replace them to be sure they are positioned correctly.

Add hot water or manufacturer-recommended cleaning solution to the proper tanks.

Pour dirty water and old solution from the water tank. Pour hot water into the water bladder, replace the tank assembly into the deep cleaner and restart the machine.


If the "Heater Ready" light does not light up, make sure that the heater and power switches are both on.

Things You'll Need

  • Bissell cleaning solution
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