How to Edge Kitchen Worktops

Updated February 21, 2017

Kitchen worktops are one of the most used places in a home. Laminate countertops are commonly chosen by homeowners because they are inexpensive, durable and easy to install. Once installed, homeowners need to edge the countertop. This is done by installing a laminate piece, also known as an end cap. The end cap covers the exposed wood end of the kitchen worktop and protects it from moisture and other damaging elements.

Apply wood glue to the countertop battens. Position the battens below and flush with the edge of the worktop. Hold them with C-clamps while the glue dries. Let the glue dry for at least one hour before removing the clamps.

Sand the edge of the countertop with fine-grit sandpaper. This will smooth any high points in the end of the countertop.

Set your iron to medium heat and let it warm up.

Place the end cap on the edge of the kitchen worktop. Hold the end cap in position while you run the iron over it to activate the adhesive on the back of the end cap. Let the end cap and adhesive cool.

File the edges of the end cap with a fine file. File toward the worktop to avoid chipping the end cap or pulling it off. Filing the end cap should bring it flush with the countertop surface.

Things You'll Need

  • Wood glue
  • Battens, filler pieces for the countertop ends
  • C-clamps
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Laminate end cap kit
  • Iron
  • File
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