Pros & cons of granite transformations

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Many homeowners dream of a modern kitchen with shiny granite countertops; unfortunately, the household budget may not stretch to accomodate a full update. Granite Transformations has come up with a solution for these homeowners: a granite blend that is poured into thin slabs that fit on top of your current countertops. This costs less than full granite counters, but what are the drawbacks?


Pro: Installation is quick and professional, often accomplished in one day. A team of experts arrives at your home to install the countertops, sinks and backsplash, and brings along a plumber to finish the job.

Con: This is no DIY job. Professionals are required and this means extra money.


Pro: Transforming an existing countertop is a lot less expensive than installing a full granite counter. You can get a nearly identical look for a fraction of the cost.

Con: Even a granite blend surface costs more than replacing your existing countertops with a new laminate.


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Pro: Granite Transformations uses a blend of granite, stone and quartz for their slabs. The result is a surface that is chemical-resistant and holds up well to scratches, stains and the accumulation of bacteria.

Con: Even though the result looks very similar to a full granite counter, it's still not the real McCoy.


Pro: There are a wide variety of looks and colours to choose from. If you don't want to redo your entire kitchen or bathroom, you can choose from over 50 colour blends to match your existing fixtures.

Con: In its organic state, each slab of granite is unique -- something that may be important to certain homeowners. With a manufactured product, your colour selection may become suddenly popular, making your home look very much like your neighbour's.

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