How to Cut Epoxy Resin Countertops

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Countertops are designed to support your sink and to provide a stable work area in the kitchen. They can be made of almost any hard material. Many common materials used in the manufacture of countertops are porous and require a lot of maintenance. Epoxy resin countertops provide a solid, stable surface. This substance is mixed and poured into moulds at the factory to precise measurements in a controlled environment. The manufacturing process ensures exact fit and maximum strength with strict guidelines and quality control. The finished epoxy resin countertop is ready to install with a minimum of modifications.

Measure the inside diameter of the length and width of the sink you want to install with your tape measure. Reduce each measurement by 1 inch and draw the outline of the sink onto your countertop with your pencil, using your level as a straight edge.

Locate and mark a spot 1 inch inside of each corner in your outline. Drill through each of these spots with your 1/4-inch diamond tipped bit.

Replace the bit with your 2-inch hole saw. Place the guide bit on the inside of the hole saw into each of the holes in your outline and use the hole saw to widen all 4 holes.

Set the depth of your circular saw to 1/8 inch. Use the shallow blade to score the countertop along each of the lines between the corner holes of your outline. Reset the blade depth to 1/4 inch and score the lines again. Repeat the process, setting the blade 1/8 inch deeper each time until the outline is completely cut through and the cutout is complete. Wipe the dust from the countertop with a dry rag.

Mix the epoxy edge dressing chemical as directed by the manufacturer. Apply the edge dressing to the cut edges of the hole in your countertop with the 1-inch brush. Let the epoxy edge dressing dry for 24 hours before continuing the installation of your sink.

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