How to Stop Swivel Base Chairs From Sliding on a Carpet

A swivel chair that slides on the carpet not only presents a hazard to the carpet, it could cause a dangerous fall if it slips as someone sits down or rises from the chair. About half of falls happen at home, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Texas A&M University's Safety Manual website advises securing throw rugs to prevent slipping hazards. The same self-adhesive products used to make area rugs safe and prevent them from slipping on a carpet will provide nonslip traction to the bases of your swivel chairs.

Move the swivel chair onto its side so that the base is exposed. Get help if the chair is heavy. Lay the chair down on the carpet next to where the chair usually stands.

Mix 1/4 tsp dish soap with 1/2 cup water in a container. Dip a rag in the soap solution and wring it out. Wipe the bottom of the swivel chair's base. Rinse the rag and wipe the bottom of the base with the clean rag to remove the soap residue. This removes any soiling or oily residues that could interfere with the nonslip product's adhesive.

Leave the swivel chair in the prone position, and allow it to air-dry for half an hour. In a warm room or with chairs that have a non-porous base, such as metal, the bases may dry more quickly.

Cut the carpet grips to fit the base of the swivel chair. For example, if the bottom of the base is a 2-inch-wide circle, cut 2-inch-wide strips. Cut at least four strips.

Check that the chair base is dry to the touch. Peel the backing off of one strip. Apply the strip to the base of the swivel chair.

Trim the carpet grips to fit the base, so they don't show. Press down on the carpet grips for a slow count of 30 to assure the adhesive adheres. Apply at least four strips around the bottom of the base, one in each of the cardinal directions, as if the base of the chair is a compass and you're marking north, south, east and west.

Stand the chair back up in its original position. Get help raising the chair, if needed. A heavy swivel chair is more difficult to stand up than it is to lay it down. Wait 15 minutes to allow the adhesive to set. Some self-adhesive products slip if stressed too soon.

Sit in the chair and swivel in it. Check that it refrains from slipping. The nubs on the carpet grips dig into the carpet, giving the base more traction. If there's still a slight tendency for the chair to slip, apply more strips of carpet grips to increase the traction.


Hardware stores and home improvement stores carry carpet grips. If you have a choice of products, pick the one with the longest spikes. These dig into the carpet and act like brakes. They won't harm the carpet. To remove dents in the carpet if you move the swivel chairs to a different location, sweep the carpet area with a broom, and then vacuum it in multiple directions to help raise the pile. A carpet steamer or shampooer can help restore the carpet in areas that have stubborn dents.

Things You'll Need

  • Dish soap
  • Rag
  • Self-adhesive carpet grips with spikes, also called "rug grips"
  • Scissors
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