How to Repair a La-Z-Boy Chair

Updated April 17, 2017

The La-Z-Boy company began producing recliners in 1929. Since then they have continued to improve the quality and technology behind their products. All La-Z-Boy products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Many issues such as a loose seat back, squeaky components and a lagging leg-rest can be fixed at home. Fixing simple problems at home eliminates the hassle of taking the chair in for service.

Check the area surrounding the chair. Remove any items that are blocking the chair from reclining.

Twist the back of the chair from side to side. This will help you determine if a bracket holding the back in place is loose. Look to the lower corner of the chair where the back rest and seat meet.Tighten any loose bolts with a flat head screwdriver.

Turn the wing nuts located on the bottom of the chair to adjust the tension of chair. Turn the wing nut to the right to increase the tension. Turn the wing nut to the left to loosen the tension. A chair that is too loose will squeak. A chair that is too tight will not recline properly.

Lubricate springs with a clear mineral oil. There will always be some amount of noise associated with the chair because metal is moving over metal. Proper lubricating will eliminate some of the squeaking and prevent the breakdown of the springs.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • clear mineral oil
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