How to Reset Master Combination Padlocks

Updated February 21, 2017

Master Lock resettable combination padlocks with Travel Sentry logos on the bottom will save you a great deal of hassle at the airport, because you can keep your luggage secure while still giving the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) access to it when you fly. The Master Lock combination padlocks are equipped with a special TSA access code, so you'll never be held up during baggage screening due to a locked bag.

Set the numbers of the Master combination lock so that the current combination appears. If the lock is new, the factory combination is always "0-0-0."

Open the lock; turn the U-shaped top of the lock 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

Press the U-shaped top of the lock down firmly and turn it 90 degrees clockwise.

Turn the numbers on your Master Lock combination padlock to your new combination. Be sure to write down the new three-digit combination in a safe place.

Turn the U-shaped top of the lock 180 degrees clockwise and snap the top of the padlock into the base of the lock. Jumble the numbers on the combination. Your Master combination lock will now open with your new three-digit combination.


Record your new combination on the Master Lock ComboLocker website in case you forget it in the future.


Do not lock checked luggage with non-TSA approved locks, as the TSA has the right to inspect all bags.

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