Casio Calculator FX-82MS Instructions

Written by patrick nelson | 13/05/2017
Casio Calculator FX-82MS Instructions
This calculator can perform advanced calculations. (algebra image by Katrina Miller from

Casio's FX-82MS calculator is for educational use. In addition to basic calculations like arithmetic, fractions and percentages, the calculator can perform scientific functions such as trigonometric and engineering notational calculations. It can also perform statistical calculations like finding standard deviation. Using the calculator successfully is a matter of following some simple steps.

Slide the calculator out of the cover and initialise the calculator by pressing "Shift," "CLR," "3" and "Equals." This clears replay memory and variables.

Enter the correct mode. Press "Mode" and "1" to enter Basic Arithmetic calculations called "COMP;" press "Mode" and "2" to perform Standard Deviation, called "SD;" press "Mode" and "3" to perform Regression calculations, called "REG." For this example, choose COMP.

Perform a basic calculation. Calculate 12% of 1,500 by entering "1,500" on the numerical keypad, followed by the multiplication button and "12" on the numerical keypad. Then press "Shift" and the "%" button. The answer, 180, will show on the display.

Press "Mode" and "2" to perform an SD (Standard Deviation) calculation. Start inputting data by pressing "Shift" "CLR," "1" and "Equals." This clears statistical memory.

Calculate Sample Standard Deviation, Population Standard Deviation and Arithmetic Mean for a series of numbers. Enter "55" and the "M+" button -- in SD mode the "M+" key functions as the "DT" key. Keep entering numbers. Enter "51" and "DT," then "55" and "DT," then "53" and "DT; enter "DT" again to include 53 twice, enter "54" and "DT" and "52" and "DT."

Press "Shift," "S-VAR," "3" and the "Equals" button to perform the Simple Standard Deviation calculation. The answer is 1.407885953. Press "Shift," "S-VAR," "2" and the "Equals" button to perform the Population Standard Deviation calculation. The answer should be 1.316956719. Calculate the Arithmetic Mean by pressing "Shift," "S-VAR," "1" and the "Equals" button. The answer will be 53.375.

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