How to Install Body Panels on a Smart Car

Updated April 17, 2017

The Smart car is the smallest car sold in the United States. The Smart Fortwo and the battery operated Smart Fortwo ED (electric drive) are the only two Smart cars produced for the U.S. As a Smart car owner, you can remove and replace every panel on the vehicle. Smart car panel skin companies have sprouted in the United States and Europe, offering custom-made panels with vibrant colours and themes. he process to remove and replace every panel takes two to three hours and two people to complete.

Close the side window fully. The window of the car should be up to prevent damage during installation.

Open the door to allow for movement to install the door skin properly. During the installation, place one person on each side of the opened door.

Line up the door skin to the vehicle door. The top and bottom of the skin should align with the vehicle door. With one person holding the door skin, gently position it into the bottom rail and slide it toward the front of the car until it is in place.

Push your knee gently into the middle of the door. The door skin will bend, creating space at the top of the door to attach clips. Place the clips on the door skin and attach it to the door frame. Complete this using three clips. The clips will be loose until you remove your knee from the door.

Release your knee from the door, paying close attention to clips. As your knee releases, tension in the clips will increase to create a seal. Close the window fully.

Lay a rubber strip on top of the door and press it firmly. The strip will lock into place creating a complete seal. Close the door.


Close window completely before pressing your knee into door to prevent window damage.

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