How to Dispose of Old Composition Roofing

Written by robert russell | 13/05/2017

Composition roofing gets its name because of the large variety of materials used in the roof's construction. The composition roofs on houses that are 100 years or older may include paper, pasteboard, burlap, felt, tar, gravel and other materials as well. Composition roofs may usually contain toxins as well such as asbestos and creosote. When the time comes to dispose of an old composition roof some of the materials will may be recyclable and other materials will need to be properly disposed off. Recycle everything that you can.

Plan ahead before talking the off the old roof. Rent a large waste receptacle. Waste disposal companies will bring one to your home and remove it and its contents when you are finished with it. Contact the public works department in your town to find out about rules and policies for dumping and recycling roof waste.

Separate recyclable from non-recyclable waste. Since composition roofs are made from a variety of materials, and the materials vary with the age of the home, it is important to determine what can be recycled and what cannot be. Asbestos shingles and creosote-treated lumber should be disposed of and not recycled.

Contact local recycling centres and salvage yards. Inquire about rules and policies for old roofing materials. Some recycling centres will charge you, others will pay you for the materials. Salvage yards may be interested lumber, metal and bricks.

Contact organisations such as "Habitat For Humanity" that build homes for low-income families. Ask if they accept donations.

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