Replacement Ideas for a Gazebo Roof

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Gazebos sit outside all day, everyday, exposed to the humidity of the summer, the cold and snow of winter and the rain of spring and fall. A gazebo roof takes the brunt of this battering. A poor quality roof won't last long under these conditions, though a sturdy, well-built roof will.

From hard plastics to asphalt shingles, the materials and designs available for durable gazebo roofs run a large gamut.


Gazebo manufacturers and third party companies produce roof kits for gazebos. Owners who are not technically inclined or are unsure of building a gazebo roof from scratch can purchase these kits, which include materials and instructions for putting together a replacement roof. These kits are available for both permanent, hard material gazebos and soft, cloth or plastic gazebo canopies that are used for occasion events but otherwise stored indoors. Those purchasing replacement roof kits should have standard building tools, such as a drill and a hammer, on hand.

Wooden Frames

A wooden frame is a versatile starting point for replacing a gazebo roof. Simple wooden frames can be constructed with common tools like drills and hammers and an assortment of wooden boards cut to different lengths. Wooden frames allow gazebo owners to place any number of roofing materials, from shingles to metal to wooden boards, atop the frame. Gazebo roofing material placed on a wooden frame can easily be removed from the frame and replaced so that when a roof requires replacing, the frame can be preserved.


A number of shingle types are used in gazebo roof construction. Shingles provide strong protection from the elements because they are stacked in overlapping rows at a diagonal. The stacking of the shingles makes it difficult for elements like snow and rain to penetrate a shingled roof. Types of shingles that are used for roofing include asphalt and cedar. Asphalt shingles deteriorate less with heavy precipitation. Cedar shingles are recommended by Easy Outdoor Decor's gazebo guide because they "have a wholly traditional character and an organic, natural look... moss and lichen will grow on some shingles making your gazebo look even more a part of the natural landscape."


Acrylic is a hard plastic that can be fashioned into a dome and used as a gazebo roof. Gazebo owners who would like an acrylic replacement roof will need to buy one from a manufacturer unless that person has access to facilities for the manufacture and moulding of plastic. Clear plastic roofs are disadvantaged by their unnatural look, though according to online resource Home Furnish are favoured by some, especially those with gazebo hot tubs, because they provide unimpeded views of the sky.