How to Remove the Drawer on a Steelcase Three-Drawer Cabinet

Steelcase is one of the leaders in the office furniture industry. Their line of file cabinets are sturdy and the drawers slide effortlessly when working properly. Removing drawers on a Steelcase three-drawer file cabinet is a bit different than many manufacturers. Steelcase uses a safety mechanism to prevent multiple drawers from being removed all at once. This helps to avoid drawers falling out of the cabinet in case of accidental tipping. Removing the drawers from the Steelcase cabinet requires disabling the safety mechanism.

Open the top drawer on the Steelcase cabinet and empty the contents from the drawer. Close the drawer and open the next drawer. Empty the contents from the drawer and close it, moving down to the next drawer until you reach the drawer you want to remove. Ensure that all drawers are closed before proceeding.

Pull the top drawer out as far as possible. Look for a black tab on each drawer slide on the sides of the drawer. Grab the bottom of the drawer on each side and press the black tabs with your thumbs. Pull the drawer out of the slide.

Find the levers on the rear of the slides, if your Steelcase uses levers instead of the black tabs. Rotate each lever in the direction the arrow on the slide indicates. Pull the drawer out of the Steelcase cabinet.

Grab the next drawer and pull it out as far as possible. Inside the back wall of the cabinet there is a small white knob. Turn the knob counterclockwise with your hand to unlock the safety mechanism.

Press the release tabs on the slide or turn the levers, depending upon your model. Pull the drawer out of the Steelcase cabinet. Repeat for the last drawer, releasing the safety mechanism and pulling the drawer out of the cabinet.


Install the drawers back into the slides, beginning with the lowest drawer first. Push the drawer all the way in to lock the slide together. The safety mechanism automatically resets.

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