How to Make a Personal Printable Phone & Address Book

Updated April 17, 2017

Many people rely on their cell phone or computer for their address and phone books. If their computer crashes or cell phone stops working, they will need a backup. One option is to use a printable phone or address book. Personalised software programs such as Address Book, for Mac users, or AZZ Cardfile, for Windows users, are available. Software is available for single-license users or site-license users, and allows you to update the address book from any location. You can also print and use blank address sheets.

Download an address book software, suck as AZZ Cardfile.

Check the compatibility of the software with your computer. You may need to check if your operating system is supported by the software depending on whether you use Mac, Windows, or any other system.

Download the set-up file, if the software is compatible and free. Most software will also give you the option to run the set-up file by saving it on your computer. Most software offers a free trial version.

Choose the version and features most suitable for you. For example, AZZ Cardfile offers single PC or single-user license, and site license. The single PC or single-user license allows one copy of AZZ Cardfile to either be used by a single person on multiple computers, or it can be installed at one computer and used by multiple people, one at a time. The site license allows you to use the program in several locations by multiple people within a 100-mile radius.

Make the payment via the payment options available, for example by check, PayPal, online and more. Be sure to check the service fee you may need to pay depending on your payment option.

Install the complete licensed version of the software, and start entering the contact information in the address book. The information for each contact is saved in a separate card file.

Select specific cards and print. You can also print all the contacts listed, and choose the phone or address details you opt to print.


You can also save the data on your USB flash memory drive to keep with you at all times. This feature is supported in AZZ Cardfile. Use the search or filter-on-typing feature to locate specific contact information to print. Create a backup with your program for the phone or address book.

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