How to Hang Blinds on French Doors

French doors provide a lot of light in a room. More light can be good in a living room or kitchen, but is sometimes not wanted in a bedroom. Blinds are often used on French doors to block out light and provide privacy. Installing blinds is easy and requires only a few tools.

Measure the width and length of the glass area of the door. You will want to order an outside mount-style blind because doors do not have recesses. If your French doors have a moulding trim piece around the outside of the glass, then measure from the outside of this moulding trim. Add one inch to your width measurement and three to four inches to your length measurement.

Order your blinds so that the controls will be closest to the hinges of the door. This will help prevent controls from becoming caught in the doors as the doors are opened and closed. If your doors have trim moulding around the glass, make sure you order a spacer for your mounting brackets. Your blinds should also come with hold-down brackets.

Open your blinds and hold them up to the door so that the head rail is centred on the width of the glass area. The head rail is the metal rail that supports the top of the blind. Raise the head rail 1/4-inch above any trim moulding around the glass. With the head rail level, mark the door along the bottom of the head rail. Mark 1/4-inch from each end of the head rail.

Place the blind aside. Position the left hand bracket against the pencil marks on the left side of the door. Mark your screw holes. Position the right hand bracket against the pencil marks on the right side and mark those screw holes. French doors with moulding around the glass use a bracket spacer to push the bracket away from the door so that the blind will clear the mouldings. If you have this type of door, insert the spacer and then screw the brackets to the door. If you don't have moulding, simply screw each bracket to the door.

Attach valance clips to the face of the head rail. A valance clip is a small plastic clip that holds the decorative trim at the top of the blind to cover the face of the head rail once it is installed. Your blinds should come with several clips. If your blind has a wand-type controller, slip the plastic sleeve down and slide the wand over the hook at the head rail. Slide the plastic sleeve back in place.

Slide the head rail into the brackets. Press the bracket doors closed until they snap into place. Install the valance by sliding the top of the valance into the top groove of the valance clips and then snapping the valance into place by lightly pushing down. Adjust and untangle your cord and make sure it is level by adjusting the knot as needed.

Lower the blind to its full length. Insert the hold down brackets with the pins into the bottom rail of the blind. Hold the brackets against the door and mark the screw holes. Raise the blind. Screw the brackets into the door securely. Lower the blinds. Snap the pins into the brackets.


Try to install your blinds so that they don't hit the door knobs. For lever-type knobs the blinds will usually tuck behind the lever and operate without disturbing the knob. Minor trimming of the blinds may sometimes be necessary around some knobs.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • French door blinds
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
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