How to fix a retractable mouse

Updated March 23, 2017

An optical mouse is a computer accessory that utilises a laser eye to move the computer screen cursor. A retractable optical mouse has a retractable cord for use with computers such as laptops or notebooks. If you are having problems with your retractable mouse, you can troubleshoot it to find and fix any problems detected.

Remove the mouse from your computer system and extend the cord. Flatten out any kinks and loosen any knots.

Dampen a hand towel with isopropyl alcohol and wipe off the cable and the bottom of the mouse. This will remove dust or grime that may have accumulated on the mouse's laser eye or that is preventing the retractable cable from extending.

Reinsert the mouse into your computer system. If the drivers are the cause of the problem, unplug and then plug in the mouse to initiate a new driver download. Follow the download prompt to install the new drivers.

Click on the Windows "Start" button and "Control Panel." Select "Mouse" and adjust the pointer speed and the "ClickLock" feature to restore mouse movement. The pointer speed in a retractable mouse will need to be faster, because the shorter the mouse cable, the shorter the range of movement. This will fix problems such as the mouse moving too quickly or slowly.

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