How to use bluetooth to control your tv

Written by ann mapleridge | 13/05/2017
How to use bluetooth to control your tv
Your cell phone can be used as a remote control for your TV. (cell phone in macro image by Alexey Klementiev from

If you have a Bluetooth-capable television, you can use your mobile phone as a remote to change channels and perform any other functions you might complete with a traditional remote control. In order to use your phone with your television, you will first have to pair the two together using Bluetooth.The pairing process only takes a few minutes, and after it is done, it will leave your TV and phone connected together forever.

Turn on your television and your phone, and sit in the same room as your television.

Go into the Settings menu of your phone and find the Bluetooth menu.

Select "Add/Find a new device" from the options in the Bluetooth menu, and then select your television from the list of devices that appears. Your phone will list all of the Bluetooth devices nearby, so you may also see your computer, printer or other cell phones in the list.

Confirm that you want to pair your television and your phone, and complete the pairing process. Most televisions will not require a pairing code to connect to them. If yours does, the pairing code will be printed on the instruction manual for the television.

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