How to remove utility poles

Updated February 21, 2017

Telegraph poles dot the landscape of neighbourhoods and highways. Electricity, telephone and cable companies share poles to run their lines. Removing old or broken telegraph poles requires a coordinated effort of all the utility companies. It also requires patience from homeowners wanting an old or broken pole removed from their properties.

Find out which utility company owns the pole. All poles should be marked with the name of the owner. In most cases, the local electric utility owns the poles.

Contact the owner of the pole with your request to have the pole removed and why you want it removed. Be prepared to tell them how many wires are on the pole. Find out which other companies also have wires connected to the pole.

Contact any other utility companies who have wires on the pole for removal.

Once all wires are removed from the pole, contact the company that owns the pole again and get a date when the pole will be removed. Be prepared to make follow up reminder calls if the company doesn't show up on the set date to remove the pole.


Do not try and remove telegraph poles yourself unless approval comes from the utility company. In almost all cases, it's better to have the company that owns the pole remove it.

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