Seiko 7T32 Instructions

Updated June 20, 2018

The Seiko 7T32 is a wristwatch that features a stopwatch, alarm clock and displays the time and date. It has an analogue-style display, with internal watch-face displays for the second hand, alarm setting and stopwatch. Some models also have a tachymeter around the edge of the watch face, which can be used in conjunction with the stopwatch to calculate the speed at which an object is moving. The 7T32 is easy to use, and after some initial setting up, the key operations will be firmly stuck in your memory.

Pull out "Crown 1" to the first click. "Crown 1" is the pull out dial on the right hand side of the watch, adjacent to the three o'clock position. There are two of these pull out dials. "Crown 2" is located underneath "Crown 1." Turn "Crown 1" until yesterday's date shows. Pull "Crown 1" out to the next click then turn it to set the correct date. Click it back into its starting position to set the correct date. You will have to set the date at the end of February and months with only 30 days.

Pull "Crown 1" out to the second click when the second hand is at the 12 o'clock position. This enters the "Time Setting" mode. From this position, you can turn the dial to move the minute and hour hands to the correct time.

Push "Crown 1" back into its starting position to store your changes.

Pull "Crown 2" out to the second click. Turning the dial moves the minute and hour hands on the alarm clock face, located towards the bottom of the main clock face.

Turn the dial until the alarm setting time shows the same time as the main clock. Push "Crown 2" back into its original position. The 7T32 is now ready to set the alarm time.

Pull "Crown 2" out to the first click. Wait for a minute before you do this, otherwise the alarm will sound. Press and hold the button to the bottom left of the watch face to set the alarm. You can hold the button in to make the alarm hands advance quickly. When it is set to the correct time, push "Crown 2" back in.

Pull "Crown 2" out to the first click to activate the alarm. You can stop it either by pressing any one of the buttons on the 7T32 or by pushing "Crown 2" back into its original position. The alarm will only sound for 20 seconds if left to ring out.

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