How to Program a Viper Remote 474

Updated April 17, 2017

The Viper 474 keyless entry remotes allow you to control the locks of your car from a distance. This comes in handy when you are not sure if you locked your car. Instead of running back to your car, you can simply press the "Lock" button from a distance. Getting into your boot is also made easier by simply touching a button. In order to have either of these commands at your fingertips, you must program the remote to your system.

Open any door on the vehicle so the dome light turns on. Insert the key into the ignition cylinder and turn the key to the "Run" position.

Press the "Valet/Program" button on the programming unit to enter "Channel Programming Mode." The programming unit is found under the dashboard. Certain vehicles need to use specific channels. To locate the specific channel for your vehicle, visit the DR Detail Shop website. Press the "Valet/Program" button once to choose channel 1, press twice for channel 2 and three times for channel 3.

Press and hold the "Valet/Program" button through the sound of the horn. The horn indicates that the system is ready to be synced with a remote. Continue holding the "Valet/Program" button and press any button on the remote you are programming. To program a second remote, continue to hold the "Valet/Program" button and press any button on the second remote. You can keep adding remotes by repeating this process up to four times. Release the "Valet/Program" button when you are finished programming all of your remotes.

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