How to Tell If a Car Has Factory Keyless Entry

Updated November 22, 2016

Factory keyless entry allows you to lock or unlock your doors with a remote from the outside of your vehicle. It is not uncommon for a used car to lack a remote key fob, even if the vehicle has keyless entry and originally came with one. If you do not have a key fob for your car, you can purchase new remotes from a same-make dealership after you determine if your car has factory keyless entry.

Check to see if you have a key fob on your keychain; the unit signifies you have factory keyless entry. Press the lock or unlock buttons to ensure that it works--if it does not, you can replace the battery at any electronic store that sells watch batteries. If the fob is damaged, you can replace it at a same-make dealership.

Sit inside the vehicle with all the doors closed and locate your interior power-lock button. The lock button may be located by the driver's door handle, by the console in the middle of the car, or on the driver's side power window panel.

Press the lock button. Some buttons have a picture of a lock in its locked or unlocked position to signify which side to press, but others do not. Press either side of the button to lock the doors and watch or listen to the door locks as they settle in a locked or unlocked position. This means your vehicle is capable of factory keyless entry.

Call a same-make dealership if you were able to lock and unlock your doors with the power-lock button. Have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) handy. You can find your VIN number on your vehicle's paperwork, such as a title or insurance card. Check prices or order new remotes from the dealer.


If you do not have a button that locks and unlocks your doors, you do not have keyless entry.

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