How to Sell Ads in a Magazine

Updated February 21, 2017

If you run your own magazine, finding businesses and companies interested in purchasing ad space can be a bit of a struggle, especially if it is your first edition. In order to build up a repertoire of parties interested in your ad space, you will need to do a lot of legwork to make the right contacts.

Consider whom your magazine is geared towards. A good understanding of who will be reading your magazine will help you sell ad space the appropriate businesses. When you contact someone to see if they are interested in ad space, you will be able to tell them directly why your readers would be interested in purchasing from them.

Allow part of your budget to be targeted towards obtaining more advertising clients. You may have to pay to host networking gatherings or pay someone to contact local businesses to garner interest.

Research businesses that you feel would benefit from an advertisement in your magazine. Calling businesses directly is a great way to network and could possibly lead to more referrals. Be sure to have all your facts together and your sales pitch ready before you make the call; you want them to see the value of your ad space

Host networking gatherings to attract the interest of local businesses. These events can be very helpful in getting to know businesspeople in your area who could benefit from your ad space. Talking face to face with someone when you are trying to make a sale is often an effective strategy.

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