How to Use a VW Six-CD Changer

Most Volkswagen models, as of 2010, offer an optional six-disc stock stereo whose disc changer is contained inside the head unit, rather than requiring a separate magazine. When one CD ends, the next disc automatically loads and plays.

Determine if there are any discs in the changer by looking for the red lights to be illuminated above the 1-6 buttons, below the CD slot. Each slot that is occupied by a disc will have its red light illuminated.

Press the "Load" button, located to the left of the CD slot, to load a disc into the first available slot. The red light above the number of the slot in which you are loading the disc flashes.

Insert the CD until it is pulled into the slot and the red light begins to rapidly flash. Do not force the disc.

Press the "CD" button, located on the right-side of the head unit, to begin CD playback.

Select the disc that you would like to load by pressing the disc's number button at the top of the head unit. Playback begins automatically.

Press the "Eject" button, located to the right-side of the disc slot, followed by the number of the disc that you would like to eject.

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