How to update a tomtom one xl

Updated July 20, 2017

It is useful to keep your electronic devices up to date at all times. If you use a TomTom One XL GPS device, then the software and features can be updated. New updates will fix bugs and errors in the existing software and may add new features, capabilities and functionality to your device. If you want to update a TomTom, then you must use the TomTom Home computer software to make the update. This came with your TomTom when you purchased it.

Insert the TomTom installation disc into your computer, if you do not have it installed already. Complete the onscreen instructions to finish installation of TomTom Home.

Connect your TomTom One XL via the USB cable to your computer and switch it on. TomTom Home will launch.

Wait a few moments after TomTom Home has opened. TomTom Home checks online for updates each time it updates. If there are updates available, click "Download and Install." These will then be transferred to your TomTom.


If you are worried about updates going wrong, then create a backup. Click "Backup," then "Backup." This creates a backup of your device.

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