How to Use an Old-Fashioned Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Updated March 23, 2017

Using an old-fashioned chocolate fondue fountain can be a great way to make a party unique. This device will delight guests and produce a richly flavoured, distinctive chocolate perfect for dipping. However, such fountains can be difficult to set up and require some planning ahead.

Place your fondue fountain on a flat surface.

Hold the main column upright, lining up the bottom tubes with the pegs in the base. Attach the column to the base with the pegs, turning them clockwise until they won't turn any further. Some columns will not have pegs but will screw into the base instead. No matter which type of fountain you have, when you are finished, you should not be able to separate the column from the base.

Attach the first tier to the base and column. Place the first ring at the lowest position on the column, putting the largest tier on top.

Attach subsequent tiers from largest to smallest, using the same method you used for the first tier.

Insert the auger into the assembled column with its bar facing down. Turn it until it locks into the centre of the base. You should hear a click.

Turn the knob on your base until it reaches 200 degrees. Immediately put chocolate chips into the main bowl without waiting for the fountain to preheat. Alternately, you can pre-melt your chocolate in the microwave.

Heat chocolate chips until they melt or pour your pre-melted chocolate into the main bowl, then reduce the heat to 79.4 degrees C.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat surface
  • Chocolate chips
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