How to Remove a Turbo Lister Logo

Updated March 26, 2018

Turbo Lister is a free eBay-provided software solution for eBay sellers listing items individually or in bulk. When a listing is created in Turbo Lister by a seller, it is saved into the program until it is uploaded to eBay by the user. During the upload to eBay process, a Turbo Lister logo button and a message stating the listing is "Powered by eBay Turbo Lister" is added to the end of the seller's item description. To remove this logo, the main eBay site must be accessed.

Visit the listing page for the eBay item with the Turbo Lister logo present. Make sure you are logged in to your eBay seller account.

Click the "Revise your item" link at the top of the listing frame to load the "Edit Your Listing" page. Scroll down to the portion of the edit page labelled "Describe the item you are selling."

Locate the "Turbo Lister" button within the description box. It appears as the logo button instead of HTML code.

Click on the "Turbo Lister" button to select it, then press the "Delete" button on your keyboard. Highlight the Turbo Lister text associated with the button and delete it. Click "Save Draft" underneath the description box.

Scroll to the bottom of the listing page and click "Continue." On the next page, click "Submit Revisions" to save your changes.

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