How to Walk with Forearm Crutches

Updated July 19, 2017

Forearm crutches are adjustable walking aids designed to assist people with temporary or permanent walking disabilities. Each crutch has a cuff area to help support the arm as well as rubber hand grips to help support the weight balance when walking. The bottom of each crutch has a rubber tip to prevent users from slipping on different floor types. It's very important to make sure that both the bottom tips and hand grips are in good condition and not worn down before walking on crutches.

Stand up straight with relaxed shoulders and your arms hanging down comfortably. Place the crutches underneath your armpits without bearing any weight on the crutches.

Adjust the length of both crutches so the hand grip reaches your wrist when your arm is fully prolonged. To adjust, press the spring buttons located on the leg of the crutch and slide the crutch to the appropriate height. Make sure the spring button is firmly locked in at the new height.

Adjust the cuff height on each crutch to approximately 1 or 2 inches below the bend of your elbows. The opening of the cuff should be facing away from your body. Squeeze the cuff to a comfortable tightness around your forearm.

Place both crutches under your arms and grab the hand grip. Make sure your forearms are comfortably placed inside the cuffs. Move the first crutch forward and take a step with the foot on the same side as the crutch you just moved using the crutch to bear as much of your weight as possible. Repeat with the other foot.


You should always consult with your physician for your specific condition before walking on crutches.

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