How to Remove Scratches From Marble Tile

Updated February 21, 2017

Marble, a natural stone, gives off an elegant, yet resilient appearance. Each marble slab quarried from the earth's surface differs in character and design. As solid as marble tile is, it can fall victim to scratches that permeate the rock-hard surface. Remove these harsh blemishes from marble flooring with the proper tools, and restore the tile's look.

Wipe embedded dirt from the scratches in the marble tile with a damp rag. Rub aggressively to remove all the grime within the scratches. Dry the area with a clean rag.

Place a 0000 steel-wool pad at the end of the scratch. Using light pressure, glide the steel wool over the scratch. Raise the steel-wool pad and place it back at the top of the scratch. Glide it down the scratch once more.

Wipe residue from the marble tile with a clean rag. Inspect the scratch. If the mark remains, continue running the steel wood pad over the scratch. Check the mark after two to three runs with the pad. Use lighter pressure as the scratch diminishes from the tile. Remove all scratch marks from the marble tile with the same procedure.

Spray a marble cleaner onto the affected area after removing the scratches. Wipe the marble tile clean with a soft cloth.


For deep scratch marks on marble tile, consult the manufacturer or a marble floor specialist.

Things You'll Need

  • Rags
  • 0000 steel wool pad
  • Marble cleaner
  • Soft cloth
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