How to Stop Wheezing Naturally

Updated February 21, 2017

Wheezing develops when the airways become constricted, and this is a common symptom of asthma and upper respiratory infections. There are varying degrees of wheezing, and while prescription inhalers are often used to treat wheezing associated with asthma or severe infections, you can treat or alleviate mild cases with natural methods. You can also use natural methods in conjunction with prescription medications.

Cough to reduce mucus in your chest. Excess mucus is common with a chest cold, and too much mucus around the lungs creates wheezing. Drink liquids to thin mucus in the chest or attempt to cough up phlegm and stop wheezing naturally.

Breathe in hot, moist steam to reduce mucus and open up the airways. Go in the bathroom, run the hot shower, close the door and breathe in the steam to stop wheezing. Placing a humidifier near your bedside produces the same results.

Sip on a caffeinated beverage. Caffeine is a natural bronchodilator that helps reduce airway restriction. Drink coffee, soda or another caffeinated drink to help stop wheezing naturally.

Avoid irritants that trigger wheezing. Certain smells or chemicals can trigger wheezing in people with respiratory problems. Learn your triggers and limit exposure to irritants to help control wheezing.

Reduce physical activity. Wheezing might begin while exercising or participating in other forms of activity. Immediately stop the activity, sit down and allow air to get into your lungs.


See a doctor if wheezing doesn't improve, or if shortness of breath or bluish skin accompanies wheezing.

Things You'll Need

  • Liquids
  • Humidifier
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