How to Display a Knife Collection

Knife enthusiasts often choose to display their knives in a prominent location. Whether displaying a couple of knives or a couple dozen knives, the manner in which the knives are presented can make the difference between a professional, pride-worthy display designed for maximum impact and what appears to be a pile of dusty knives on top of a dresser. A myriad of options exist to help enthusiasts display a knife collection of any size or type.

Organise the knife collection. Decide whether you want to display the collection based on type, age, aesthetics or any other criteria.

Study display options. Use a larger display case to hold several knives, or smaller cases to hold one or two knives. Purchase or create shadow boxes to add depth to a display. Store knives on display stands to provide a vertical element to the display.

Place the knives in the chosen display cases or stands. Check that they fit snugly and securely.

Lock display cases so that children cannot easily access the knives. Purchase locks if none are provided with the case. Place display stands out of the reach of children.

Arrange the display in a visually pleasing manner in a prominent location. Hang display cases on the wall or place them on a table, stand or dresser.


Collectors can also place small cards with descriptions of the knives or certificates of authenticity underneath the individual cases if desired. Covered cases protect knives from dust and the elements.

Things You'll Need

  • Display cases
  • Knife stands
  • Locks
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