How to Replace the Cement in a Dental Crown

Updated February 21, 2017

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps dentists place over teeth that have decayed or been damaged, according to These caps are placed using dental cement. Sometimes a crown might fit improperly or not have enough cement, thus causing it to fall out. If possible, you should have your dentist or a dental assistant re-cement the crown permanently in your local dental office. However, just a few steps can help you to replace the cement in a dental crown at home, if you are in a pinch.

Purchase a temporary over-the-counter dental filling material. You can find this type of product at a chemist or grocery store.

Break up any of the old cement in your dental crown as well as any hardened food debris trapped inside of the crown with a toothpick. In addition, scrub the inside of the crown with a wet toothbrush and complete the cleaning with a damp cotton swab. Dry the area of your tooth that will hold the crown as well as the inside of the crown with a cotton ball.

Mix the powder and liquid that comes with the over-the-counter dental cement kit using the wooden spatula that comes with the kit. Do this until the mixture reaches a smooth, creamy consistency, according to Then, fill the inside of the temporary crown with the cement.

Place the dental crown on your tooth. Wipe off the excess temporary filling material or denture adhesive using a damp cotton ball, and rinse your mouth with water. Bite down several times to make sure your crown fits comfortably. Avoid eating on the crown for about an hour.

Contact your local dental office to see if your dentist or an assistant can see you within the next few days. At your appointment, the dentist or dental assistant will manually mix a dental cement, such as polycarboxylate or zinc phosphate, or they will use an automix syringe system to re-cement the crown on the tooth.


You also can consider buying a denture adhesive product, toothpaste or even petroleum jelly instead of an over-the-counter dental cement, as these materials are also helpful options for replacing the cement in a dental crown temporarily, according to and Sarasota Family Dental in Florida. Use a cotton swab to apply these types of materials to the inside of the crown.

Things You'll Need

  • Toothpick
  • Water
  • Cup
  • Toothbrush
  • Cotton swab
  • Cotton balls
  • Sandwich bag
  • Paper towel
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