How to Use a Wax Warmer

Updated April 17, 2017

Scent adds mood and ambience to your home or work space. Wax warmers are an efficient method of scenting a space. Wax warmers are usually ceramic or clay jars with an upper and lower bowl. The upper area holds a small tablet of scented wax, often called a tart because of its shape. The lower area holds a small candle. When lit, the candle warms the upper bowl, melting the scented wax and infusing the room with fragrance.

Place your wax warmer on a flat surface in the area you'd like to scent. The fragrance will spread subtly through several rooms.

Put the tealight candle into the lower area of the wax warmer and position it in the centre. It should be directly underneath the upper bowl.

Place your scented tart of wax in the upper bowl. It should be centred so that, as it melts, there is no spillage.

Light the candle using your matches. Allow the scented wax to melt completely and enjoy the fragrance.


Typically, tarts will last for 8 to 10 hours. Replace as needed.


Keep children out of reach of matches and open flames. As with candles, do not leave your wax warmer unattended.

Things You'll Need

  • Wax warmer
  • Scented wax, tart or chips
  • Tealight candle
  • Matches
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