How to Stop Soot in a Gas Fireplace

Updated April 17, 2017

Soot and carbon build up in your firebox as a result of using your fireplace. Soot and carbon build-up can eventually lead to smoking embers and smoke can back up inside the house. In bad cases fire damage can result from a backed up fireplace and chimney. Use a soot and carbon removing spray to help clean and prevent soot from accumulating.

Purchase a gas log carbon and soot remover spray such as the spray available at the Fireplace and Chimney Supply website (see Resources).

Confirm your gas fireplace is off before cleaning. Set the nozzle on the spray cleaner to "Spray."

Spray the logs in your gas fireplace with an even layer of the soot remover. You may also spray a layer along the sides of the lower chimney wall.

Allow the spray to dry completely before using your gas fireplace again. The spray will not only remove the soot but will also help to prevent soot build-up.

Things You'll Need

  • Soot and carbon removing spray
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