How to Bind Wedding Programs & Invites at Home

Updated April 17, 2017

Be imaginative and creative when binding your wedding programs and invitations. Choose from several options for fasteners and binders. Find creative ideas and materials from bridal shops, wedding websites or craft stores. Gather your friends, bridesmaids and family members at home and ask them to help you out in assembling together your programs and invites. Close friends and family are usually more than willing to help and appreciate the involvement in your wedding preparations.

Align the program pages carefully. Make a hole on the top left-hand corner, top centre or two holes on the left-hand edge, using a hole punch. Multiple holes on the corner is appropriate for booklet type programs.

Use a ribbon or twine to secure the pages together. For single holes, insert the ribbon or twine through the hole and tie it carefully and neatly. For double holes, insert the ribbon through each, gather the ends and make a knot at the centre. Make a double knot or a small bow to fix it in place. Choose from organza, silk or lace ribbons, depending on your wedding theme and colours. Twine, on the other hand, works well for country-style or nature-themed weddings.

Use brads, eyelets, buttons or other decorative fasteners if you are not fond of ribbons. They will accomplish the same task of binding the pages together and look just as attractive. Like ribbons, these craft materials now also come in various designs. Brads, for example, come in gemstone, embroidery or pearl styles.

For booklet-type programs, print the pages so that there are two pages on each side, back to back. Making sure that the pages are in the proper order, fold them at the centre and insert into a thicker paper cover, also folded at the centre. Bind everything together with decorative elastic bands, elastic cords with tassels or elastic loops with knots, depending on your theme.

If you choose to make program fans, purchase a DIY program fan kit and template from your favourite bridal or crafts shop, follow the instructions for customising the information, printing and assembling. Once the pages are printed, bind them together with brads, eyelets, ribbons, tassels or whichever decorative fastener you prefer.

Gather your invitation pages together, making sure they are in the proper order and align the pages carefully. Use organza ribbons to tie them together like a wide band at the centre. Create a neat bow for a dainty, chic effect. Or wrap a long string or twine around the pages, making a cross section and a knot at the centre. Make a bow to secure the knot tightly, but easy enough for invitees to loosen later.

Measure the width of the invite pages. Cut strips craft paper, in your colour motif, at least one-and-a-half inches wide, and one-half inch longer than double the width of the invites. Let the excess ends overlap, glue them together, and let dry. Insert the invite pages, with the glued ends of the band at the back.

You can also use brads, eyelets, buttons or whichever craft material you choose, and fasten the pages together as you would a wedding program. Just make sure the invitation layout allows for such binding, and that all the information is readable.

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